The Process

Project management can vary greatly from one client to the next. Once the parameters of the project are defined, a work plan can be customized according to the specific needs and expectations of the client. Your project will likely follow a similar process to the steps as follows:

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Step 1.

Initial Consultation

It all starts with an interview to determine your goals and objectives; Determine style, color etc. preferences; A visit to the job-site to gather information on the physical space; Obtain floor plans if available, field measurements and photographs; Inventory an evaluate existing furnishings that might be used; Develop project schedule and budget; Determine and discuss feasibility of meeting clients requirements; Prepare final design program; Meet with architect, contractors or others as required.


Step 2.

Schematic Design

Execution of preliminary design decisions; Written design concepts, preliminary floor plans and sketches are created to assist in these decisions; Initial decisions of furniture, materials, finishes and equipment are also made; Make preliminary color selections; Quotes, furniture specifications and budgets are reviewed for approval from the client at this time and budgets can be refined. 

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Step 3.

Design Development

Final Design Decisions; Orders are prepared and any final changes are made; Space plans are finalized, as well as materials, finishes, furniture and color selections; Budget is refined and proposals are presented to client for written approval; Prepare final design boards, and any revised floor plans, drawings etc.


Step 4.

Installation Administration

Furniture orders are placed; On-site supervision and furniture delivery provided if needed or desired by client; Coordination with outside contractors if needed. Your vision comes to life! 



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